Amid Criticism, Indonesia Government Keep On Defending Freeport Deal

Right after the recent announcement of the Indonesia government that has been able to obtain majority shares in PT Freeport Indonesia in Papua, there have been some pros and cons appear as the result of this issue. Many critics questioned the acquirement of the deal which seems to be done in a rush by the government.

Government Defense on the Criticism amid Freeport Deal

As it is known that Indonesia government has finally acquired the majority shares of PT Freeport Indonesia for 3.85 billion US dollars since the acquisition deal was signed on 21 December 2018. After this issue was revealed to public, there are a lot of critics who questioned the acquisition asking why Indonesia government did not hang around until the contract completed in 2021.

This criticism is grounded for the expectation that Indonesia government may not need to pay a single rupiah to conquest the mine when the deal is performed in 2021. Responding this criticism, Sri Mulyani Indtrawati as Finance Minister who also becomes one of the main figures for the deal personally present herself to defense the deal.

Sri Mulyani via her official Facebook account claimed that the PT Freeport’s preceding contract of work or CoW demanded that the Indonesia government need to lengthen the company’s contract even when it is ended in 2021. Thus, the government should grant the mining rights extension of PT Freeport until 2041. At this point, she said that the government will not be able to expire it.

On her Facebook post, Sri Mulyani also attempted to assure that those in the government who finalizing the deal had only one goal: to fight for Indonesia’s interest including Papua’s people interests. However, even though Indonesia has finished the deal, the country should wait for another years until it can benefit the operation of PT Freeport completely. (berbagai sumber/ photo:


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