Peoples Vote for the Top Indonesian Foods They Cannot Live Without

Indonesia has been known as one of the top countries with a high variety of traditional foods that present extraordinarily delicious taste. From the mouth-watering broth-soaked noodles to traditional vegetable salads with peanut dressing, you can easily find the country as another top destination for culinary travel. Then, what are the best among the countless selection of Indonesian foods?

Top-Rated Indonesian Foods You Should Not Miss

According to Indonesian and those who have been familiar with Indonesian foods, there are several dishes that they should have when having a culinary travel in Indonesia. Let’s begin with sambal. While theoretically more of a condiment, sambal, an Indonesian chili-based sauce is actually a staple in most Indonesian tables. We can say that your dishes are not complete without it.

Then, there is also satay. Satay is a delicious meat skewer which is cook up over burnt coals. Whether it is goat, chicken, rabbit or mutton, the meat will be marinated in spices including turmeric and then barbequed. The last, it will be served with tasty peanut sauce. Satay is considered as Indonesian national dish that many people get in love.

Next, we should not miss bakso when discussing about Indonesian foods. You can find bakso anywhere in Indonesia. It has been many people’s favorite because of its refreshing soup and delicious meatball. In Indonesia, the meatball in bakso can be made of beef, chicken, pork or the combination of these meats. Bakso is usually garnished with boiled egg and fried shallots.

The last but not least, there is gado-gado. Gado-gado which literally means mix-mix is another food that you cannot miss in Indonesia. Gado-gado is like vegetable salad which is served with Indonesia’s classic peanut sauce. The dish is then added with boiled egg, spinach, long beans, corn, bean sprouts, tofu and others. This dish can be easily find anywhere around Indonesia too. (berbagai sumber/photo credit:



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