Nurhadi-Aldo: Alternatives Candidates for Indonesian Presidential Election That’s Gone Viral

If you are into Indonesian politics, you will surely know about the two candidates that are going to compete on winning the Indonesian presidential election on the next few months. As we know, this year’s candidates are the incumbent Joko Widodo with his running mate Ma’ruf Amin and Prabowo Subianto with his running mate Sandiaga Uno.

Nurhadi-Aldo, the Meme Poking Fun at Both Parties of Indonesian Politics

News related to these two candidates and their campaigns has overlooked the media in the last few months. However, there are countless Indonesians who are still dissatisfied with both candidates. As if to response their political aspirations, a new pair of candidates appears as alternative and has already winning the hearts of many Indonesian netizens.

It is the pair of Nurhadi and Aldo that has gone viral as alternatives candidates for both ends of Indonesian politics. This pair going viral on the social media through a meme of Nurhadi and Aldo that is made as if they are one of the candidates in the upcoming presidential election. The “campaign” posters of this candidate is convincing too.

In this case, their “campaign” posters come up with all the standard elements of Indonesian political banner that compete on this year’s election such as two middle-aged men dressing in koko shirts and peci, a black hat which is commonly worn by Muslim men in Indonesia. It also includes names, logo of their party which is Partai untuk Kebutuhan Iman (Party for Faith Desires).

However, this alternative candidate is totally comedy because their campaigns include many jokes and also absurd contents. They add a lot of vulgar slangs that are supposed to criticize the Indonesian politics that are not going well according to some people especially due to the countless issues of negative campaign in this year’s presidential election. (berbagai sumber/ foto:


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