Top-Rated Tourist Destinations in Indonesia You Will Want to Visit Right Away

Indonesia is famous for its Bali Island that offers the breathtaking beauty of beaches. In fact, Indonesia has more than Bali when it comes to best tourist destinations. This country also has a collection of places that are worth to explore. From challenging adventure to tranquil gateway, Indonesia has all of the things you need to gain wonderful traveling journey.

Top-Rated Tourist Destinations in Indonesia to Visit This Year

Thus, which place to visit in Indonesia if you are planning to come over this year? Borobudur is for sure one of the must-mentioned when we are talking about top tourist destination in Indonesia. Offering the beauty of ancient Buddhist temple, Borobudur is popular for its wonderful construction that makes it as one of the world’s natural wonders.

In addition to Borobudur which is located near Yogyakarta, another popular city to visit in Indonesia, there is also Komodo National Park that can be your next destination. For those who have ever dreamed to witness a dragon once in a life, the komodo of Indonesia can be a realistic alternative for a deadly and fierce animal.

Instead of witnessing the komodo only, tourists can also do other exciting activities such as hiking, snorkeling and canoeing when they visit Komodo National Park. You should not miss the stunning Mount Bromo which is located in East Java. This mountain is popular for its magnificent views and best spot to watch sunrise above the clouds.

The last but not least, we should not forget to mention the collection of beaches in Bali. It is inevitable that Bali is still the gem of Indonesian tourist attraction especially for beach lovers. Offering a selection of the most beautiful beaches in the world, you will not find it dissatisfying to visit one of Bali’s beaches at least once in a life. (berbagai sumber/ photo credit:



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