Prabowo Camp Denies Negating the Government's Achievements

itoday - Prabowo Subianto – Sandiaga Uno campaign team advisor deputy Hidayat Nur Wahid denies that the speech Prabowo delivered yesterday had negated any achievements the Jokowi-led running administration achieved.

According to Hidayat, Prabowo will actually continue the current government programs that are performing well if he gets elected.

“[Prabowo] even asserted he will continue to pursue Pak Jokowi’s work performances that are mostly good,” said Hidayat at the parliamentary complex in Senayan today, January 15.

Hidayat underlined the fact that Prabowo delivered a form of criticism in his speech, and that it is a normal approach considering that the opposition is meant to be an alternative for the presidential election.

“We wouldn’t just agree on everything that Pak Jokowi does. What use would it be for competition?” he said.

Previous reports said PDIP secretary general Hasto Kristiyanto accusing Prabowo of negating Indonesia’s achievements under the Jokowi administration in his speech at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) on Monday night.



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