4 Essential Tactics for Building a Lifestyle Business

itoday - "Lifestyle business'' gets a bad rap by association with less-than-reputable internet marketers. You’ve seen the ads promising quick cash and a life of luxury  if you buy their course. There are staged photos and big, misleading claims of wealth.

However, lifestyle business is what you make it. You can build a business that allows you to live the life you want while generating revenue through new age opportunities. In a lifestyle business, you will most likely generate a most of your revenue online selling courses, coaching, digital information products, membership websites -- the list goes on. You can also add the elements of paid speaking and corporate consulting at events and companies all over the world. This allows you to travel the world training on your lifestyle business topic.

This kind of business and lifestyle is lived by many entrepreneurs. It’s the type of business that I’ve owned and operated for the last seven years. I travel to 20 countries a year for corporate consulting gigs while also generating revenue through multiple streams online. If your goal is to build a lifestyle business that lets you travel, creates freedom and financial security, here are four essential tactics to consider adding to your strategy.


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