Anies urges motorists to obey traffic rules

itoday - To improve traffic obedience in the capital, the Jakarta administration in collaboration with the National Police and Indonesian Military is holding a traffic operation named 2019 Lintas Jaya, which will run for the rest of the year starting Monday.

With the operation, Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan asks residents to maintain traffic order by following all the rules, including paying attention to vehicle speed.

“Motor vehicles are used to transport people from one point to another. But if they travel too fast, they could also transport one’s life from the living world to the afterlife,” the governor told reporters on Monday after the operation ceremony held at the National Monument in Central Jakarta.

He stressed that the operation was key to creating a traffic-friendly Jakarta, particularly as the accident rate in the capital stands at 30,000 cases per year with most victims being motorcycle riders.

"The risk for traffic accidents on the road is high as a result of the disorder," he said urging motorists to prioritize safety and follow traffic regulations and signs during their time on the road.

The operation is conducted annually as part of the United Nations' declaration of The Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011 to 2022. It is also in line with the 2009 Traffic Law.

Jakarta Transportation Agency acting head Sigit Wijatmoko said that 700 joint personnel would be involved in the operation, which would run for 200 days.

He said the agency would monitor traffic from a control room and solicit real-time reports from traffic apps such as Google Maps and Waze.

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