Gerindra: Anies Meet One by One Promise Begins MH Thamrin Stadium

itoday - The construction of Jakarta International Stadium (JIS) in the Sunter area, North Jakarta, finally began. This is proof Anies Baswedan has consistently fulfilled his campaign promises in the 2017 Jakarta Election.

Yesterday (Thursday, 3/14), Anies symbolically kicked off as a sign of building the capital's proud stadium.

"It's good to fulfill promises, the most important today is the fulfillment of promises. If Pak Anies's language is a dream, a new chapter, a new and fulfilled dream will only begin," said Jakarta DPRD member from the Gerindra Faction, Syarif when contacted on Friday ( 3/15) .I

a optimistic that the construction of the stadium will run smoothly from the beginning, mid to the end.

Even though there was news that there was a public rejection, Syarif was sure that he could gradually be resolved persuasively.

"It will be resolved later, the resolution is sought, mediation is sought. It's easy, which is so unnecessary for the governor to deal with it, the mayor and the subdistrict head should hopefully be done," Syarif concluded

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