KPK Called 3 Managing Director of SPAM Bribery Case

itoday - The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) investigator again summoned three directors from various companies related to the Drinking Water Supply System (SPAM) project in a number of regions.

The three directors to be investigated were the Managing Director of PT Limar Banyu Utama Rudi Supriarna Bachro; Managing Director of PT Amythas Erie Heryadi; and PT Eswareco Tama Managing Director Vicky Hutapea.

They will be examined as witnesses related to alleged bribery in the implementation of the 2017-2018 SPAM development project for the suspect Anggiat Partunggul Nohot Simaremare (ARE).

This was conveyed by the Head of KPK Public Relations Febri Diansyah, in his statement in Jakarta, Friday (29/3).

In this case, the KPK has determined at least eight suspects.

The four suspects who allegedly gave bribes were President Director of PT Wijaya Kusuma Emindo Budi Suharto; Director of PT WKE Lily Sundarsih; and two Directors of PT Tashida Sejahtera Perkara named Irene Irma and Yuliana Enganita Dibyo.

Meanwhile, four suspects suspected of being recipients were the Head of the Lampung Strategic Work Unit (Kasatker), Anggiat Partunggul Nahot Simaremare; Katulampa SPAM Commitment Making Officer (PPK) Meina Woro Kustinah; Head of Emergency SPAM Satker Teuku Moch Nazar and Toba 1 PPK SPAM Donny Sofyan Arifin.

During the process of investigating this case, dozens of PPK and a number of officials in the Ministry of PUPR have returned money to the KPK. About Rp. 20 billion is recorded more.

The KPK has also seized a number of assets in the form of land and building houses and 500 grams of precious metals.


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