Vice President Jusuf Kalla Convinced the Recapitulation of Elections on May 22 Will Be Safe

 Vice President Jusuf Kalla (JK) believes the plenary recapitulation of the 2019 Presidential Election on May 22 next week will be safe. Security personnel are also on alert.

"So be calm, it will not (something happens). God willing, like in previous years. Although listening to the tense end result, God willing, it will run mediocre, moreover the parties are more calm. So our homeland is God willing, safe JK said when meeting Indonesian citizens when breaking the fast together at the Indonesian Ambassador's House in Doha, Qatar, Friday (05/17/2019).

The success of the election until the end of the plenary announcement of the recapitulation that took place safely, according to JK, became an indicator of political stability in the country. Referring to historical experience, JK also mentions the factors that trigger the instability of the social conditions of society that do not occur at this time.

"In 1965 it was because our economy was damaged, inflation, rice was difficult, oil was difficult, fuel was difficult. Then there were political problems, so there was a massive demonstration, in the end our president fell," JK continued.

Whereas in 1998, JK stated that economic conditions were difficult to add to political problems during the Soeharto era.

"Now these two things have not happened. At least the economy has not happened, the economy has grown by 5 percent," he said.

JK also ensures that security has been prepared, especially around the central KPU office. The plenary recapitulation was also held during the fasting month. (Sumber: , sumber foto:


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